Asphalt Resurfacing: How to Keep Your Parking Lot in Top Condition

The Guide to a Perfectly Smooth Surface

Grand Rapids Asphalt Resurfacing is an important part of keeping your parking lot in top condition. If you neglect this maintenance, your asphalt will start to crack and deteriorate, which can lead to a variety of problems.

First, what exactly is asphalt resurfacing? Asphalt is a flexible pavement material made of aggregates, such as sand and gravel bound together with an asphalt binder that holds the mixture in place. When this mixture gets wet or dry over time, it can crack open like concrete does when you walk on it. A good way to keep your parking lot looking good as new is by resurfacing regularly with fresh layers of hot mix (asphalt) every few years – typically about one inch thick would suffice for most applications but there are many different types out there so be sure not to go too thin if you want proper protection from wear and tear!

Next up there are some tips for keeping your parking lots looking great:

Paint lines between spaces in bright colors that contrast with the asphalt so drivers can see where they’re going and what’s available.

Grand Rapids Asphalt Resurfacing

Use a sealer after every two years on top of all areas exposed to sunlight, including driveway entrances (and garage doors), as well as any cracks or potholes you may have noticed forming from wear over time. This will keep them looking fresh for longer periods between resurfacing jobs which saves money on repairs down the road!

Finally, we want our readers who are new to asphalt maintenance some tips on how best to install their parking lot:

Make sure there is proper drainage by installing drains at drainage points throughout your lot; this will prevent water buildup during rainy seasons which could cause cracking if left untreated.

If you have a lot of trees nearby, make sure to trim any branches that may be overhanging and causing shade; the asphalt needs sunlight to properly curing and if it doesn’t get enough, you may start seeing problems like cracks or potholes form.

Be mindful of the type of vehicle traffic your parking lot will see on a regular basis – for example, heavier trucks can cause more wear and tear on asphalt than lighter cars so take this into account when choosing what thickness of resurfacing to install.