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Sad Statuses For Social Networks

How often do you use social networks and how often do you share statuses on them. Whether you are sad, happy, or in some style of your own you can share your status on social media.
WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram can support sharing sad status at any time of the day. You can always write how you feel, and not explain it to anyone.

Sad Status

There, people publish everything and other people can respond to their statuses. You can set as many statuses and posts as you want in one day and no one will complain to you. Share joy or sorrow with all your online companions. There are people who get depressed and are not up for communication with other people. Everyone should understand that and not ask for further explanations. These statuses can be found in Yiddish and English. These statuses can change your feelings and make you feel even sadder, but when you are sad then you understand what someone wanted to write. Sad people are different and they don’t want to talk about their actions or events, so when they announce their status they won’t justify to anyone that they did it. You have so many ways to show your feelings, one way is this through social media. A broken heart, the death of a dear person, or depression are reasons why people can be sad.

Sad status is roads on the nets and you can see if someone wants to hurt themselves. So understand sad people because it is the worst for them.