Fishing Tips

Tips For First Time Lure Fishermen

Fishing is today one of the most popular pastimes for people all over the world. It isn’t difficult to realize why. It takes you to some of the most beautiful spots in the world and no matter where you are there is usually a stretch of fresh or saltwater that offers a myriad of species – and a myriad of fishing styles to target them. It also isn’t difficult to master the basics. Here are some fishing tips for the beginner that will allow you to land your first fish.

Fishing Tips

If you are using a lure for the first time, match the color of the lure to the color of the water. It’s no guarantee that you will be bites – but it’s a great way to start your day on the water.

Take a look at the shallows and the insect life (if you’re on freshwater). Then try and match your lure with the prey species you see. This is called ‘matching the hatch’. If your matching prey species it’s a good bet that the fish are going to be biting.

Make sure the gear you are using is appropriate to the size of the prey that you are targeting. A heavier setup (and a heavier line and lure) are not going to be suitable for smaller prey species. Line weights and types can be a confusing topic – do some research on the lines that are suitable for salt and freshwater.

Get your line on the water at the right time of day. Early morning and evening are best. If it is sunny target shaded areas. Fish feel safer there.

When in doubt ask questions. Most experienced fishermen (and women) are more than happy to share their fishing tips. Have a conversation. don’t encroach on their space. Show an interest and be polite and you will be amazed at the hints and tips you can get to allow you to land your first fish.

Above all, go out there and enjoy yourself. Good luck and ‘tight lines’.